Insurance Planning**

Insurance is designed to protect your financial security and should be a key part of your overall financial plan. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, you or your beneficiaries receive a cash benefit if you suffer a disability, become ill or die.

There are many type of life insurance products are available and the kind of coverage that’s right for you depends on your unique circumstances and financial goals. Each of life events can change your life insurance needs.For Example:

  • Buying a home?
  • Starting a family?
  • Are you a business owner or thinking of starting a new business?
  • Thinking about retirement?
  • Planning your estate?


Types of life insurance: 

  • Term – flexible and affordable protection providing coverage for a specified period
  • Whole Life – guaranteed, reliable, permanent protection that builds cash value over time
  • Universal Life – permanent protection with tax-advantaged investment growth 

Types of health insurance:

  • Disability Insurance – monthly benefit providing income protection if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness
  • Critical illness insurance – lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness (provided after a standard waiting period)
  • Long term care insurance – helps pay for long term care and services to protect your retirement savings and investments
  • Synergy – unique solution combining life, critical illness and disability insurance in one affordable package
  • Health and Dental insurance – Individual Health and Dental plans to help cover routine and unexpected health care expenses not covered by the Government Health Insurance Plan
  • Travel Insurance – offers coverage for unexpected emergency medical expenses while you are travelling away from home

  You can try Life Insurance Cost Estimator  to for cost estimation   You can contact us to discuss about your insurance requirement. 

  You can try Insureright Calculator from Manulife to identify your insurance needs. But remember, the best way to figure out the amount and type of life insurance that makes sense for your particular situation is to meet with a qualified and licensed life insurance professional.